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Running a service business should follow a proper formula to achieve customer's satisfaction. Experienced Pros + Flat-Rate Prices + Customer Support = Extraordinary Experience. By using this formula, we can continue building trust with our customers and keeping them coming back time after time.


We offer flat-rate pricing on every booking, no hourly fees ever, and payment is only required once the job is complete.


Our Specialists are thoroughly background checked, interviewed, and tested to ensure a real professional gets the job done right.


Being a complete professional in-home service provider, you can ensure a genuinely satisfactory service with support help every step of the way.

Fully insured


With us, you'll be worry-free knowing you're in good hands. Our insurance covers property damage up to $1,000,000 caused by our Specialists. We want to ensure you are protected throughout the whole service.
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Our guarantee covers our specialists' mistakes, which may occasionally happen because we are only human. To build trust with our customers, we must stand firm behind our craftsmanship.
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The Smart Choice

Friend or Family

While hiring a close friend or family member seems like a quick fix, the labor may not give you the results you would expect from hiring a professional service company. Relying on your peers to do tasks outside their range of expertise could potentially lower efficiency.

Hiring a friend/family cons:

  • Surprises and unreliable - they don't keep a set date & time
  • They are usually not willing to do heavy lifting or handle complex furniture assembly
  • Lack of the experience and techniques of a professional worker

Professional Company

When choosing the right service company, you don't want to take shortcuts. By choosing On Point Assembly, you'll benefit from top-quality professional services with protection and peace of mind every step of the way.

Professional service company pros:

  • We carry the muscles and tools to get the job done right the first time
  • Efficient techniques to handle the job quickly and proficiently
  • Save yourself time and the headache from all the hassle by outsourcing the work to the pros

Liability Insurance

Medical payments

We cover the costs of any medical expenses due to our negligence.

Up to $10,000

Example: You stepped on a nail during an assembly project and required medical attention. We pay all expenses.

Property damage

We cover costs for associated personal property damages due to our negligence.

Up to $1,000,000

Example: We accidentally broke your window during a moving job. We cover the damages.

the Vetting Process

The Specialists

We ensure on following strict guidelines when choosing the specialists that work with On Point Assembly.

Background Checked

No criminal records


Extensive work experience

Friendly People

Personable personalities

Craftsmanship Guarantee

What's Included

We offer a free follow up service for wrongly assembled pieces, unfulfilled service due to missing or inexperienced specialist, and minor damage repairs due to our negligence.

Valid up to 48 hours

Example: You had a moving service scheduled, and one team member could not make it. We will come back on a different day with the full team at no charge.

How It Works

Contact support as soon as possible for any issues during your service. Our friendly representatives will assist you in finding the best resolution promptly.

By text or email only

FUlly Equipped


Our mechanically inclined team carries all the tools needed to get the job done efficiently, saving you precious time and money from purchasing tools from your local hardware store.

Customer Service


Connect with our friendly agents by phone, text, or email. Get assistance with any inquiry you may have or resolve an issue during your service. Support is always ready on standby.


Happy Customers

Great service. Came the day of my request and were polite, professional, efficient and the most competitively priced. I would definitely use them again.

Assembly Service

Best rates in Jersey & quick! The two guys kindly introduced themselves & quickly got to work. Did an assessment & figured out a plan immediately.

Moving Service

The On Point Assembly team was incredible! They were fast, efficient, communicative, and professional! Highly recommend!

Moving Service

What a great moving experience! The movers arrived within the predetermined window and were very friendly.

Moving Service

Great team, had treadmill moved and assembled. Very professional and the work is spot on.

Fitness Equipment

I first chose On Point Assembly because of their flat rate charges. Many others charged by the hour.

Assembly Service

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