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On Point Assembly provides professional in-home services with transparency, simplicity, and reliability. Our mission is to achieve a better way to get things done without compromising performance.

Who We Are

On Point Assembly is the assembly crew providing reliable, professional assembly services. Our fully vetted specialists carry the expertise needed to assemble anything fast and efficiently for your home or business. We offer a better solution for your ready-to-assemble products with our comprehensive service, including our full insurance coverage and guarantee. Assembling is what we do. And we've got you covered. Our offering of related services, you can count on us for the same commitment and pride as our assembly services.

From the inception of the business, we were focused on helping people who struggle with assembling their flat-pack furniture with reliability and proficiency. We needed to secure a name that memorably represents our work and pride. After researching several names, On Point Assembly was a perfect fit. "On Point" means we take pride in the work we do while paying attention to detail and finishing the job promptly. Service powered by excellence.

Message from the CEO

Thank you for choosing On Point Assembly. It's fantastic having you part of our mission in providing efficient in-home services with transparency and efficiency. We value every customer's project, no matter how big or small. And we want to ensure you have an amazing experience every time, with a mindful customer journey, affordable flat-rate prices, and efficient professionals. It's my goal to achieve your complete satisfaction and to guide this company in the right direction. With your loyalty and everyone in our organization working together, we will be able to bring On Point Assembly to every customer's door.

- Ephrain

Our Values

As a company with high values and appreciation for our clients, we must follow strict principles to achieve quality standards.

The principles:

  • Expertise - Our work is our core asset, and we want to apply attention to detail, pride, and the highest quality behind every project.
  • Trust - We believe in being honest with our clients throughout the whole process to achieve long-lasting relationships.
  • Integrity - Having strong moral principles and moral uprightness gives us great character, which improves the workplace and relationships.

The Purpose

On Point Assembly is aiming to be one of the top leaders in the industry, providing outstanding customer service from the first contact to the end of service. We pride ourselves on being a workplace that works hard, has fun, and serves our clients with A+ quality every day.

On Point Assembly's mission is to offer services more mindfully with reliability and transparency. We believe we can achieve this by providing exceptional service throughout the whole process without compromising performance, saving our clients' time, hassle, and money.

For us to accomplish our mission, we must provide our clients with exceptional service from the first moment of contact to the end of the service. By focusing on our mission, we can obtain our vision to be one of the best in various industries.

We envision the Company growing into a well-known in-home service brand. Leading our industry with transparency and refining the way people receive in-home services.



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Corporate Address: 20 Commerce Drive, Suite 135, Cranford, NJ 07016