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Preventive Maintenance & Repair

At On Point Assembly, we understand the importance and livelihood with keeping your fitness equipment in full working condition. We will make sure to have all your machines running smoothly and in top shape with our quality preventive maintenance plans. Avoid the costly repairs and get the preventive care your equipment deserves.


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The Process

Just like a car needs an oil change every 6,000 miles, your fitness equipment require routinely maintenance keep them running smoothly. Skipping an oil change can potentially cause bigger problems to your vehicle, causing costly repairs and the same goes with your equipment. We help extend and maintain the life of your machines.

The typical maintenance steps goes as follows:

  1. First we work with you to determine which equipment requires immediate attention.
  2. We then vacuum inside and bottom of each equipment (if applicable) removing all debris and dirt that may alter the performance.
  3. After the initial clean, all connections, belts, and motors are inspected for damages and current wear conditions.
  4. All equipment are diagnosed for errors.
  5. Lubricant levels added to manufactures specifications and bolts tighten securely.
  6. We wipe down and disinfected the machines with wet rags after each maintenance.
  7. Finally, before leaving the premises, we report any recommended and required repairs.

Why Choose On Point Assembly

With us, you can assure your projects are protected and handled professionally.






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Industries We Serve

We service all types of businesses from various industries with maintaining their equipment investments.

Offering fitness amenities to your employees is a great way to encourage them to have a healthy lifestyle and work-life balance. Happy and healthy employees will boost productively, helping with the bottom line. Keep your fitness equipment running smoothly with our preventive maintenance plan and show your employees that you care about their health.

Co-working Spaces
Private Offices
Office Buildings

When deciding where to live, potential tenants usually look for fitness amenities. Avoid losing future tenants with out-of-order signs. Broken machines can cause serious safety issues and quite frustrating for everyone. Keep your tenants happy with maintaining your equipment investments, and ultimately saving you money from costly repairs.

Apartment Complexes
Elderly Living Centers
Gated Communities
College Dorms

Customer satisfaction is very important for your hotel’s reputation and is a reflection of your hospitality offerings. Don’t let a noisy treadmill ruin the experience of your guest staying at your facility leading to negative online reviews. This will reflect poorly on your business, damaging your reputation.

5-Star Hotels
Resort Fitness Centers

A well maintained fitness center help reduce stress from your students, and prevent serious safety issues. School sport teams also need their fitness centers performing it's best for them to perform their best during the game. Keep your fitness center maintained, avoiding damaging the school's reputation.

Colleges & Universities
High Schools
Private Schools
Technical Schools

The fitness equipment is vital for the gym's success with fierce competition. Members have plenty of choices, and having out-of-order machines can decrease memberships. Stay on top of the competition with a routine preventive maintenance plan.

Large Gym Centers
Private Gyms
Health Clubs

Note: We also service residential clients with personal home gyms.

The Service

Squeaky treadmill? Looking to prolong the life of your investments? Each service is handled fast and efficiently by experienced pros with all the proper tools. We have refined our maintenance process, ensuring each item is diagnosed and serviced carefully in a timely manner.

The Benefit

Each assembly service comes fully stocked with all the essential benefits your service should include, such as liability insurance, craftsmanship guarantee, and thoroughly vetted professional specialists for a smooth and satisfying experience.

The Interaction

We take pride in the service we provide to our trusting customers, ensuring they receive exceptional service from start to end. Support is just a text or phone call away, or access the self-serve help center for quick answers. By providing clear and transparent communications, helps our customers enjoy their peace of mind.

our Plans

Maintenance Plans

We will create a preventive maintenance plan based on how busy your gym is with monthly, quarterly, or bi-annual visits. Repairs are done when necessary with your consent.


For very busy gyms & fitness centers.


For moderate used gyms & fitness centers.


For rarely used gyms & fitness centers.

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Rest assure you are in good hands with our extensive experience with installing all types of fitness equipment. No matter where you purchased your equipment, we've got you covered.

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The basics you need to know

What forms of payment do we accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, & Amex. We do not accept cash or checks.

Are same day bookings available?

Same day bookings are not guaranteed, please contact support to confirm availability.

Can I receive a COI?

The COI can be provided free of charge after reserving your appointment. We will issue the COI for your building upon request.

Is the service price flat-rate?

Yes! All On Point Assembly services are flat-rate, no hourly charges ever. However, we do charge fees/taxes with your flat-rate price.

Is there a time window for my appointment?

All appointments have a 2-hour time window. Please be aware; your time window may vary due to delays from prior appointments.

What is the booking policy?

Please refer to this article to read our booking policy.

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