Tips to Personalize Your Office (While Still Being Professional)


Moving into a new office can be exciting. You have a blank slate, one that you can make your own. However, you can't go overboard, or it might not seem very professional to those who visit it.

Not sure what to do? Here are some tips to help you personalize your office (while still being professional).

Keep it clean and functional. You are there to work, so it is important that you have everything that you need handy. Your computer, mouse, and phone need to be right on your desk. The papers that you are using to do your project? They also need to be out. However, the documents for your next project don't. Keep everything filed, except for what you need.

You also can't clutter up every available space with pictures of your family. Having a picture or two of your family is fine, as long as they are tasteful. However, if you have too many pictures and personal items all over your desk, you are going to struggle to get your work done. Keep your personal belongings to a minimum.

That doesn't mean that you can't accessorize. You can add little touches, like a personal mug for your pens. You may want to bring some fresh flowers regularly to spruce it up. You might be able to find lovely baskets and containers to hold things on your desk to give it your personal flair!

Though you may want to fill your office with all of the things you love, you have to be careful. Your desk still needs to be functional, or you won't get anything done. For this reason, don't fill your desk with little trinkets that you love. Ensure that you can easily access the things you need to work, such as your computer and phone. However, you can use mugs, baskets, and other containers for your items so you can personalize your office a little bit!

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