Refreshing 2023 New Year Plans for Your Living Space


As we get closer to a new year, it is time to consider upgrading your living room with refreshing plans and ideas. 2022 has been a long year with lots of challenges, which give you even more reason to rejoice while transforming your living room space. Below are a few ways to bring your home a curative and refreshing look with sensational style.

1. Multi-functional Space

Storage is increasingly becoming a problem in the living room area, making it essential to design a multi-functional space. Understand that the living space in most homes doubles up as gyms, offices, or pop-up bars. Having a storage ottoman, for example, will help you create more space for your office supplies or gym equipment. A folding desk will let you transform a small space into a home office.

2. Statement Rugs

According to many interior designers, hard flooring will remain a popular trend in 2023. It, therefore, comes down to the rugs and runners to make a statement. Now, statement rugs are a simple and affordable way of introducing color into your living space. You also get to conveniently separate areas when working with open-plan rooms. Ensure you consider bold prints with bright colorways and large-scale patterns.

3. Bringing the Outside Inside the Home

We expect to see a continuation of bringing the outside inside the home in 2023. Because you are spending more hours at home, consider adding large leafy plants inside your living space. Understand that the outside brings a sense of escapism, relaxation, and calm into your home. Don't worry, gardening inside the house isn't as complicated as you might think.


Do you want to improve the aesthetics of your home in 2023? On Point Assembly can help you bring a refreshing and new look to your living space for the new year. Ensure you contact us to speak to a professional about bringing your ideas to life.

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