3 Gift Ideas that Provide Comfort and Coziness


In 2020, we all discovered that as Jeff Goldblum so eloquently said in Jurassic Park, "life finds a way." We found ways to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries virtually. We found new ways to remain in contact with friends near and far. And we found ways to function inside these homes of ours that were previously separated from our workspaces.

Some of the best gifts we can give are ones that allow our friends and family to feel more comfortable within their own four walls, to increase their hygge and feelings of coziness. We wanted to help you with your search by providing some suggestions. Below are our top three recommendations for giving something that will help you provide the best gift of all: comfort.  

1. Outdoor Patio Heater

While the weather may be chilly for a few more months, there are ways to adapt outdoor spaces to allow us to still be in nature. Outdoor patio heaters provide owners a way to get out of their house, even when it's cold. Help your loved ones defy winter and continue to soak up some sun during the day, long before spring arrives, by hooking them up with some literal and visual warmth.

2. Curtain Lights

Lights aren't just for the holiday season. Adding lights to any personal space, particularly soft yellow tones that provide a sense of warmth, makes a room feel more comforting. With vine curtain lights, your gift will give a lovely design aesthetic while simultaneously helping your recipient feel even more at home in their home.

3. Hall Tree or Coat Rack

Hall trees (coat racks with storage and seating options) make an excellent gift for any home. They provide space to hang your coat, hat, and scarf, as well as store your shoes and any other outdoor essentials. Having a space for this daily flotsam creates a way to separate the outside experience from the inside. This gift provides your recipient a way to tuck away their belongings in an aesthetically pleasing way and reduce visual clutter, giving them a calming presence in their space.  

Let On Point Assembly continue to add to your gift of comfort by allowing us to pick up and deliver your selection and handle the assembly.  

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