2 Ways to Avoid IKEA Crowds: 1. Go When They're Closed, 2. Use Our Services


Ah, Ikea. The endless maze of furniture and home goods that both inspires and intimidates. This Swedish furniture giant is worth $58.7 billion and offers over 9,000 products.

But shopping at one is undeniably hectic. The maze-like setup encourages you to see the most of what IKEA has to offer, but there are always crowds! Once you make your purchases, you have to play real-life Tetris to fit everything into your car.

There has to be a better way to shop at IKEA that doesn't involve entering the labyrinth. Ordering items online means paying outrageous shipping costs. But our services provide a solution.

Hej!: Why Everyone Loves IKEA

The Swedish company has a cult following. People love affordable furniture that's made to last and look good doing it. IKEA provides enough decor to allow people to renovate their entire home on a budget.

There's even a soap opera that takes place entirely within an IKEA! The sleek, minimalistic designs that IKEA offers has captured the hearts of many Americans. That's why it's always so crowded!

Another unique feature of IKEA is their restaurant service. They offer multiple hot meals and a myriad of packaged food. Last year, they even released their Swedish meatball recipe so people could enjoy the dish in quarantine!

Since there are only 49 IKEA stores in the USA, you can always count on sharing the space with many people. But there is a better way to fulfill your Swedish dreams without walking among the GenPop. Pay someone else to do it for you!

Why Hire Someone To Pick Up Your IKEA Order?

If you have a small car and no truck-driving friends, you may have many difficulties just getting your order out of the store. If you've ordered multiple heavy or bulky items, you put yourself at risk of strains and pain when packing by yourself.

So, here's the deal. You can hire a team of professionals who will ensure a white-glove IKEA delivery service. This guarantees that your items are safe and will not be damaged in the moving process. It also guarantees you don't hurt yourself or your car!

Our team will not only pick up your order and deliver it to your home, but we'll assemble these items at no extra cost. Hiring an assembly and delivery team will be worth every penny you spend.

The Process Of Ordering From IKEA

You may wonder what changes about the IKEA shopping process if you hire a professional delivery service. Do you still have to go to IKEA? Can you order online?

Though you can go inside if you want, ordering online and allowing us to pick it up is the easiest way. It's also the route most customers take. When shopping online, you can choose the Click & Collect option.

When you select Click & Collect, IKEA will prepare your order at the local store. You will then indicate that your order will be picked up by a delivery company and not yourself. Just give us the order number, and we'll be able to verify onsite.

Once we've packed and settled your items, we drive to your home and unpack your order. Together, we'll verify that everything is there and assemble them in your home.

Avoid The Assembly Headache With Our Services

At On Point, we offer affordable furniture assembly. This is the most headache-inducing part of ordering from IKEA. The small pieces get everywhere, and who can tell a Skub from a Sklub?

Thankfully, hiring professionals to put your furniture together will ensure that everything gets put together correctly and efficiently. If you're ordering large pieces, like the Pax system or other huge cabinet sets, hiring pros is the right move. Since IKEA is so popular, we can put together a Billy bookcase or Kallax shelf with muscle memory!

That's the best part about hiring a service like On Point Assembly: we know IKEA furniture. Though buying furniture is a special event for you, assembling it is our everyday job. That's how we can guarantee efficient assembly services.

Friends vs. The Pros

If you are looking to go the cheaper route, you look into hiring a friend to help with your assembly. Although it may be more affordable, it will not be more efficient. You can also rest assured that we vet our employees so you'll feel secure in your home.

Plus, as mentioned before, we're deeply familiar with IKEA furniture due to our services' nature. We're worth the price because, in the end, our expertise will save you hours. And we even take the trash out for you!

On Point Assembly Can Ease Your IKEA Trip

Whether you're looking to redo your whole interior or want a new bookshelf, our services will allow you to enjoy IKEA without any of the hassles. IKEA crowds are hard to deal with in the best of times, and in the age of social distancing, you're best to avoid them altogether. We're proud to offer you delivery and assembly services that will keep you healthy and safe.

You don't have to compromise the aesthetic of your home because the assembly is intimidating. Don't hesitate to contact us and get a quote on the services you need. We can't wait to deliver your next set of furniture or Swedish decor.

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