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We strive to provide exceptional service—from booking to the end of service. In the unfortunate event that something goes wrong during your service, we will make sure to address the situation and resolve it fairly and in accordance with our Terms of Service.

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Coverage Example:

If a 100-pound TV is damaged during a move, you may be eligible to recover a total of $60.


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Coverage For Moving Claims

You may be eligible to recover for damages to your personal property at a rate of sixty (60) cents per pound ($.60/lb.) up to a maximum total claim for all eligible items of $500 per appointment for in-home, shifting, loading & unloading.

For example, if a 100-pound TV is damaged during a move, you may be eligible to recover a total of $60 (100 pounds multiplied by $0.60).

Please Note: Coverage does not apply to the following: (1) Drugs or drug paraphernalia; perishable items; items prohibited by law; weapons, explosives, flammable liquids, or anything that would otherwise put the safety of the specialists (movers), the moving vehicle, the customer, or the customers' belongings at risk. (2) China, glass, clocks, glassware, lamps, mirrors, pictures, artwork, Flat-Screen Televisions, or any other fragile articles that are not packed & unpacked by On Point Assembly and moved at the owner's risk. (3) Because the mechanical condition of electronics and appliances is unknown; we only assume responsibility for items which are mishandled or receive visible damage by our specialist (movers). (4) Unprotected flooring. (5) Defected, prior repaired, unstable constructed furniture pieces or items. (6) Money, jewelry, or other valuables, please make sure these items are safely put away before our moving team arrives. (7) Because ready-to-assemble furniture is not structurally created to be moved once assembled, we will not repair or replace these items in the event they are damaged during the move.

You must report any damage/loss within five (5) days of the Moving Service. During the claim process, you must respond to action items within 15 days; failure to do so will result in nullification of the claim.